Rainy chillhop tune for ya: Enzalla – Kilika #HipHop #Downtempo #Electronic #Chill

I don’t know if it’s raining where you are. Not quite here. Grey clouds threatening. Here’s some gently melancholic chillhop from Enzalla for you to offset the blues.

Enzalla (Vince Bellanova) is a producer and pianist from Milan, Italy. He says, “I love chilled piano beat, recording and using foleys, melodies and synths.” And I love his work. Kilika is a lovely piano driven track with strings for added pathos and drama. And all the while there’s the metronomic crunch of the beats and the background rainfall. It smells of wet leaves and damp pavements. Of walks in the park and snuggling close. Of quiet romance.

~ by acidted on November 20, 2020.

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