Ambient Sunday is studying hard with: Sleep Surgeon, and Lo-Fi Luke x Goson #HipHop #Instrumental #Chill

Study beats is such an uninspiring name for chilled instrumental hip hop but it does seem to have caught on. Here are two perfect examples from Sleep Surgeon, and Lo-Fi Luke x Goson. Geographically they are UK to Sweden, so vibrantly European.

Sleep Surgeon is from the UK and we have a track taken from the album Anywhere Is Fine, If I’m With You. The track is Talking To Mars and its got some lovely beats that have a martial tumble but without quite using standard hip hop patterns. Alongside there’s a set of dreamy synths and a bit of wandering sax. It’s all topped off, quite brilliantly, by an Alan Watts samples about spontaneous actions like your heart beating and breathing. His voice has that mellifluous soporific quality that enhances the track.

Straight outta Sweden comes Lo-Fi Luke and Goson. Theirs is a more romantic take on hip hop. Post M is the track and it’s filled with guitars that noodle around and become intertwined with soft jazz piano. It’s all terribly lush, smooth and sweet. Th track fills the air with sunshien and perfume. And then like the briefest love affair it’s gone leaving regret and memories of what had been.

~ by acidted on November 22, 2020.

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