Techno that goes right through you: Sonic Radiation – Roentgen #Techno #Synth

Always good to start a post with an x-ray joke. And even better to get some techno coursing through your veins. Here’s Sonic Radiation with the pulsating charms of Roentgen.

Sonic Radiation is from the USA and claims to have an eye on the past and an eye on the future. Such Janus faced charms certainly deliver on this track. I admit I had to look up Roentgen. Turns out the roentgen or röntgen (/ˈrɜːntɡən/; symbol R) is a legacy unit of measurement for the exposure of X-rays and gamma rays.

And the track is a 5 minute splurge of club-based beats and synths. It fires on all cylinders in all directions. It’s a big throbbing love god of a tune. There’s big techno drums giving it a solid foundation which allow the splattered synths to roam freely across sounds that owe something of the 80s, something to the 90s and a burst of life from lockdown suppression. Draw the curtains, turn off the main lights. Let your bike light blink red in the corner until you’re lost in the endless pulse. And dance like you mean it.

~ by acidted on November 24, 2020.

One Response to “Techno that goes right through you: Sonic Radiation – Roentgen #Techno #Synth”

  1. Thank you Acid Ted! Fun post!

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