Art is not a race but a lifelong journey: Kaspar Noé – Mangata #Techno #Ambient

the moon

I don’t know if I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but I am working out what part of my family to bauble with over the period. In that dreamstate here’s a properly delightful ambient techno track from the Netherland’s Kaspar Noé.

The track is listed as Mangata. But I suspect it should really be “mångata” which is a Swedish compound word formed from moon and street. It means the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water. How brilliant is that. Why isn’t there such a word in English? To me, this is precisely what the track sounds like.

The track is an ethereal dreamy reverie of a track. It’s full of held synth tones and watery dubbed sounds. It has beats (eventually) that give it a bit of a techno feel and stop it drifting too far into trance. Everything has a slowness that casts spaces for reflection. It’s got a hushed nighttime quality. It’s deliciously beautiful.

~ by acidted on November 25, 2020.

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