Perfecto in the Main Room with: Galestian – Connected (Extended Mix) #House #MelodicHouse #PrimeTime

I’m not usually one for tracks that are more at home in the main room at peak time but Galestian’s Connected caught my ear. It has that big swirl of 90s chords which makes it less of a surprise to find it’s on Perfecto Black and that Galestian worked with Paul Oakenfold on Perfecto Black’s 50th release.

I’ve gone for the Extended mix of Connected so you get the full seven minutes in which to lose yourself. Immerse yourself in the main room’s glitter, strobes and lights. Galestian is LA-born and Berlin-based and a bit of that classic Berlin cool softens the otherwise peaky sweeping edges of this prog house track. It’s as if the track knows it always has another gear in reserve. Hardly a surprise then when Galestian says of the track, “I imagined being in a place of grandeur, somewhere that evoked a feeling of awe, and experiencing that which is so much greater than all of us.”

The track is heart-racing pumping beats, euphoric synths riding an adrenalin rush. It’s a prog house dream but crossed with a bit of melodic techno sobriety that can’t quite tame the track’s excitability. It flies across the skies in a such an explosion of colour it’s as if it’s the soundtrack to Santa’s sleigh

~ by acidted on November 28, 2020.

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