House is back with: James Pingel – Transmaterial #House #DeepHouse

Time to get back to old school house but done in a modern way courtesy of some slick lush house / deep house from James Pingel.

James is from Los Angeles where he has been making music for seven years. Starting in ambient he’s moved across into house sounds but retains that relaxed nature of ambient. The featured track is Transmaterial from the Transmaterialism EP. James describes it as deep house but I think it’s more an old school house tune. It manages to be particularly evocative of a range of house eras and styles in the course of seven wonderful minutes. A bit of synth noodling from the 70s there, some twangy funk bass from the 80s here, some hi hats and analogue beats from the 90s there. It’s all put together with a love of house and a love of the more sophisticated dance floors. It shimmers and twirls its way through a seven minute symphony of sounds. Magical.

~ by acidted on December 4, 2020.

One Response to “House is back with: James Pingel – Transmaterial #House #DeepHouse”

  1. Hey, thanks again for the coverage! I’m stoked that there are other people who “get” this kind of music out there, feels like I’ve spent an eternity looking for you.

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