Ambient Sunday’s soundtrack to the rain with: Padre Tóxico, and brillion. x Kurt Stewart #Ambient #Downtempo #Electronic @PadreToxico

It’s looking like one of those days where the rain sets in gently but stubbornly. Enough to dissuade you from going outside but not enough to not want to check if its stopped. The accompanying soundtrack is provided by Padre Tóxico and brillion x Kurt Stewart.

Padre Tóxico returns but not with the instrumental hip hop guise in which he last appeared but something more subtle. The track is Immersive Submersion. It’s a track that sits somewhere in the triangulation of ambient , drone and minimal house. It’s full of shimmering electronics that hiss and glitter. A one note piano is laid on top and beats are far far away. It’s a properly meditative piece with strings adding an air of piquancy. Delicious.

Taken from the LUI album

Brillio. x Kurt Stewart takes us somewhere a bit different. Neither offer any information about themselves, other than they’re probably from the US. Nonetheless, there’s nothing cold and remote about the music.

On Looking Back you get a warm fondness. It’s a lovely two and half minute glow of piano-led nostalgia. A little surface noise, some electronic wash and that piano. It’s tinkling sound is the essence and driving heart of the track. An intimate connection with humanity, with life, and with you. Welcome them into your world.

~ by acidted on December 13, 2020.

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