IDM is coming to town: punch card – zippo #IDM #DrumAndBass #Electronic

Before everything goes a bit too seasonal and I eat my own bodyweight in sausage roll flavoured crisps (don’t @ me) here’s punch card to break out the synth heavy IDM.

Amy Gibbon is from Telford England. She returns with the lead single – zippo – from her new album visage (not a fan of capitalisation is our Amy). This is properly synth heavy at the start like some sort of 80s Steve Strange type tune. All a bit clubby. And then it takes a turn for the modern with a bit of trap type beats. I’m not a great fan of trap but there’s enough drum and bass elements to soften out the trap jitteriness. This ends up as a heavy pop club track or with the right amount of vroom for night time driving. It has that dark glitter of rain on the roads with a winking cats eye. Delicious but beware dead mans curve.

~ by acidted on December 17, 2020.

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