Ambient Sunday with: Shea Betts, Under Islands, and December Roses #Ambient #Chill #HipHop

A trio of chilled track for this Ambient Sunday as the rosy fingers of dawn creep into the sky with Shea Betts, Under Islands, and December Roses.

Shea Betts is a New York based artist who is “Exploring the possibilities of generative, evolving soundscapes.” Not quite sure what that means. But on Vapour Trails, taken from the album Sea / Sky ($7 on Bandcamp), you get an experimental drone that offers eight minutes of ‘pause.’ It’s a wonderfully reflective piece of the type I don’t usually enjoy. But here while the drone occupies the foreground, out back there is a subtly changing set of symphonic melodies that provide the humanity and emotion. It’s a delightfully delicate and evocative track.

Under Islands takes us to the other side of the world. It is the project of Josh Marx from Australia. He says that he, “draws inspiration from the sounds and feelings of being in nature to create compositions with mellow, organic and soothing qualities.”

The track is Steady from the A Number Less EP. It was produced, “during a hazy period of lockdown consisting mostly of bushwalks and music. The intent was to capture and express feelings of awe, sadness, beauty and solitude.” Steady has elements of neo-classical through the strings and piano motifs. But it’s been slightly scuffed so it ends as electronic as it does real instrument. Everything hangs in a teetering balance. Emotions come in waves. They threaten to overwhelm but never quite sweep things away. In the end, all is calm.

December Roses are an Atlanta-based ensemble. This could just as easily appear on one of my more hip hop focused posts. But the air of space and the use of the synths makes Daylight equally adept on Ambient Sunday. There’s some surface noise, some background chatter and in the foreground a lonely keyboard plies its trade. Beats come but lately. They augment, rather than take over. Everything remains dreamy and perfect for daydreaming or late night reverie. Beautiful music to watch clouds go by.

~ by acidted on December 20, 2020.

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