Something fragile for those who feel fragile: Night Park x Golden Flora – Mirage #Downtempo #Electronic #Chill

Good morning. How was your NYE? Bit different from usual? Mine? Not that different. I’m of an age where it’s a couple of glasses of something fizzy and then I’m only waiting tetchily for the fireworks to subside so I can get to bed. But if your NYE was more adventurous or lasted longer here’s a lovely downtempo track from Night Park x Golden Flora.

The track is Mirage, which seemed appropriate as we look back on 2020. It’s a collaboration between Brady Tackett (aka Night Park) a Memphis-based producer and Jesus Mago (aka Golden Flora) a Venezuelan musician and producer from Miami, FL. This does result in a bit of US meets Latin America in the way the rhythms combine.

The track opens with some jittery guitar that has a little Spanish feel alongside some equally jittery beats. They could almost be trap but sashays just about clear of that dead end. It’s all glittery and shimmery with the guitar as the electronics swirl about in a chilled but gay abandon. A magical little start to 2021.

Track taken from the Ftvrything, Vol 5 compilation on Future-Everything Records

~ by acidted on January 1, 2021.

3 Responses to “Something fragile for those who feel fragile: Night Park x Golden Flora – Mirage #Downtempo #Electronic #Chill”

  1. Hello Sir, happy belated new year!
    I’m still here listening, despite the usual health problems and other cumulative issues, so I thought to greet you. Pardon the delay.

    I’ve spent it in a very similar fashion, with a couple drinks and a lot of ice cream (it’s summer here). After an atrocious year such as 2020, it’s difficult to expect something better (facts seem to prove me right) but my hope stoically resists.

    • Greetings to you. Be great to have new posting suggestions from you

      • Thank you! I’d be glad to: as soon as I extricate myself from commitments and setbacks I will certainly do it (even though it has become increasingly difficult to find interesting material). Have a nice weekend, Sir.

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