Minimal acid with: Taioh-$an x Durosai – Röd Hëd (Original Mix) #Acid #Tech #Techno #Minimal

I don’t usually go for minimal tracks. My attention wanders too often. But Taioh-$an x Durosai got through my scepticism with this deep minimal track Röd Hëd.

Taioh-$an is an Orlando, Florida-based producer. His biog offers, “”Taioh-$an” – is an anime urban myth/legend said to be around since the beginning of the internet; brought here from the divine source to alter your state of consciousness through hypnotic sounds and digital frequencies.” His partner in crime is Durosai, also Florida-based. He is influenced by, “the vibrations of deep space and the percussive grooves of South India and is known best for his seductive rhythms that take listeners on a psycho-somatic journey.”

That mix of hypnotism and sense of journey are both present on Röd Hëd. It’s a mix of minimal techno, tech house ‘blankness’ and the life force of acid. It’s a sinuous track with a lofi vibe. It twist and turns and slowly spins. Vocal samples are set far back and add to the sense of otherworldliness. And then the acid comes along to add vim and fizz to the mix and jolt you into action. A deeply listenable track.

~ by acidted on January 6, 2021.

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