Ambient Sunday with: Vayron, and Jori Larres #Ambient #IDM #Downtempo #Electronic

Another backdrop of grey clouds to Ambient Sunday but the music is bright and IDM-influenced with Vayron and Jori Larres.

France’s Vayron returns with another track from his 2 Years EP that combines the delicacy of classical music and the awkwardness of IDM. Atlantic takes the romantic lushness of Ravel and Debussy and fuses it to some IDM that’s a bit Aphex Twin and a bit Beaumont Hannant. There’s even a bit of post-rock guitar in there for good measure. Perfect Sunday morning music.

From the 2 Years EP

Switching to the other side of the continent we have Jori Larre from Finland. Jori Larres is based in Helsinki. He is currently a member of indie rock band Small Peaces as a guitarist.

The track is Curves but the sounds have more angles than the title implies. This is a polyrhythmic experience that never quite allows itself or you to settle, despite the mainly chilled tones. Jori says, “Song’s electronic soundscapes explores layered structures and polyrhythmic bursts with constantly evolving more intense. First single of upcoming Uncurtaining the night album.” There’s a warped piano that occupies the centre ground. Around that is built other squirts and brief blasts of electronics and the ever-restless beats. It’s an all-encompassing, quietly intense, experience.

~ by acidted on January 10, 2021.

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