Ambient Sunday welcomes back: Kid Loco – Aquarium Lovers (Suburban Dream Remix) #Ambient #Chill

Suburban Dream returns to brighten up your Ambient Sunday with a new Kid Loco remix.

This blog was recently called an OG. There’s been a lot of posts since February 2008. So, it was a shock to realise that the last time I had Suburban Dream here was five years ago. And the first time he appeared was for a Kid Loco remix more than ten years ago – November 2010. Nonetheless, let’s celebrate that Suburban Dream is back. And back with another Kid Loco remix..

Suburban Dream is Ireland’s Ciarán McCarthy. His work always had that laid back feel but never forgetting that chill still needs a melody. As for the decade apart remixes he explains that, “After a communication from Kid Loco re releasing the first remix Theme From The Graffiti Artist, Suburban Dream offered to remix Aquarium Lovers.” This forms part of Kid Loco’s The Rare Birds Remixes, Pt.3 & More.

Before we get to the track I thought we’d dust down Ted’s Top Ten Quiz after a decade on the shelf. So over to Suburban Dream:

  1. Sabres of Paradise or Two Lone Swordsmen? Sabres of Paradise – it’s been a while, out of curiosity listening to Two Lone Swordsmen here this morning – more ambient than I realised.
  2. Dalkey or Dún Laoghaire [both Dublin suburbs]? Dún Laoghaire (Both nice spots)
  3. Downtempo or Study Beats? Downtempo – My problem with study beats is the lack of development in so many of the tracks. When I produce, I start with an idea and then develop it into a story or journey. So many study beats are just one idea repeated for 2 minutes. There are some exceptions of course; check out my Mellow Instrumentals playlist for my own selection.
  4. Real instruments or synthesisers? Real Instruments – I have spent the last few years learning the 5 string banjo to satisfy a life-long love of American folk and bluegrass
  5. Neon Tetra or Guppy? Neon Tetra 🙂
  6. Saltwater or freshwater? Saltwater! Can smell it on a wet morning!
  7. ‘Sweet Dreams’ or ‘Dream On’? ‘Sweet Dreams’
  8. Harp Lager or Hop House 13? I’ll have to say Harp as I live in its birthplace. I regularly smell it brewing when I’m out walking the dog and checking mixes. I’d normally order a Guinness.
  9. 808 or 303? 808. Has the 303 aged well? Did Fatboy Slim kill it?
  10. Róisín Murphy or David Holmes? Róisin Murphy – I don’t follow her as closely as i should, but I really liked her last record.

As to what’s happened over the past decade he says, “The last ten years, where have they gone? Well there’s always been music, a slow trickle of releases. I took a year out and moved to Barcelona in 2016. I wrote a bunch of material there, but ended up hating most of it! I’ve been at the Banjo a lot, and made a baby after getting back from BCN.  I’m always working on new music and new releases, even if they can be slow to surface. Now that I have a son and less time, I’m writing music in short 1 or 2 hour sessions. I’m hoping to start releasing again, with music planned for February/March.”

And on the genesis of the remix, “The Aquarium Lover remix came about by chance. Kid Loco got in touch to ask how I felt about including the “Theme from the Graffiti Artist” remix on this release. I was of course chuffed, as it has not been available on streaming platforms up until now, which I always felt was a shame. I suggested remixing the Aquarium Lover track as I can hear classic Loco vibes in there. Since a release date was already in print, the remix had to be knocked out in about 10 days. As someone who can listen to a final mix for weeks (or even months) before I’m happy, this was a little daunting. But it was a fun exercise which taught me a lot about knowing when to save and print that final mix.”

Finally, the remix itself. Taken from 2019’s The Rare Birds, Suburban Dream offers us a wistful track that harks back. Its slow keyboard refrain offset by slow almost-funereal beats and a lamenting vocal. A track that’s an outro to life and loves. At 3:00 when they keyboards soldier on alone it’s as if the weight of the world has crushed all dreams. Sadness personified.

Whole of The Rare Birds Remixes, Pt.3 & More

~ by acidted on January 17, 2021.

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