Lazy beat Monday with: Lo-Fi Luke x Goson, and Prod. SirMellow #Downtempo #StudyBeats

Back to the week. Have that haziness that coffee can’t dispel. Only some gentle beats will do. Here’s a couple from Lo-Fi Luke x Goson, and Prod SirMellow.

We had Sweden’s Lo-Fi Luke x Goson’s first track back in November. They’re back with another delightful tune called Ride. Come on board. Enjoy the gentle clicking beats and the slow thud of bass. But what delivers the beautiful kick in the pants is a mix of slow drawling piano and a bit of guitar. Both tightly woven such that the track is infused with mellow fruitfulness. Spring is sprung but this is properly Autumnal.

Across the Atlantic to Maryland for Prod. SirMellow who is a lofi producer. He goes for something simple yet effective on WhereRu. It’s a slow thudding beat, some surface noise and a lonesome guitar. It’s all terribly lo-fi, a little sad, and the feel of walking in the rain. Emotion drips off every second of the track. In other hands it could all be a bit dispiriting but there’s something rather exquisite about the way this delivers just the right amount of pathos to make you sigh but nothing too depressingly further. Clever stuff.

~ by acidted on February 22, 2021.

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