Electronica to celebrate Spring: Craig Lowe – Echoes #Electronica #IDM #Dance

It really does feel like Spring is here as the last days have had some sun. The kind that warms as well as illuminates. You can see buds everywhere. And Craig Lowe’s Echoes soundtracks Spring with its perky promises of something sultry to come.

Craig Lowe is originally from Weymouth in the West Country but is now based in London. He was a session musician before starting his own audiovisual project performing, “electronic techno-inspired dance music.” Echoes is from his Solace EP out next month. It isn’t your standard techno track. It’s a lot more complex and lighter than that. It has a rippling, swirling house quality. And a fleetness of foot that allows it to change direction in a pirouette. There’s a manipulated vocal element that I don’t usually enjoy but it’s all done it such a joyous rush that it’s hard to argue with the uplifting positivity.

~ by acidted on February 27, 2021.

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