Ambient Sunday with: De Moi, Shuhandz x Joseph Thrash, and Simplistic Scientists 木火 #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo @shuhandz @demoi_fm

A triple bill for Ambient Sunday with two returnees and one artist new to these parts. We have returnees De Moi and Shuhandz x Joseph Thrash, plus new artist Simplistic Scientists.

De Moi appeared here six months ago. He’s producer and musician but also a maths and natural sciences graduate from Czechia who splits his time between the White Carpathians and Prague. His work has an emotive quality among the chill. But on Ferveō we get something much more meditative. It’s taken from the Skyey EP. The title Ferveō means fever or hot, I think. But there’s nothing burning here except time. Its a beatless beautiful track. Tones arrive, are held, and then move on. And in the meantime there are little trills and swirls. It’s all terribly precise as the tune hisses by. This is just terrific.

Another returnee is Shuhandz alongside Joseph Thrash. Joseph Thrash has appeared here before as Nifty Earth but he’s moved on from that persona. Here we have his remix of Deliverance for Shuhandz. There’s something warming and comforting about this track. It has a dreamy, rather enveloping quality. The piano offers solace in among rich hazy electronics. But over the course of six minutes it allows itself more than one mood. As it hits the second half it take comfort into joy. There’s a roll of the piano that is almost into piano house territory. It’s all upbeat and positive and ready to go out into the world. That’s about coming through to the other side. Keep moving.

Offering complexity in simplicity are Simplistic Scientists 木火. A trio whose working arrangements are unusual. They say they, “formed in Cheltenham in 2010 playing together live as an acoustic/hiphop trio with @JPDL on spoken word vocals. Since then, multi-instrumentalist Greg Davies has moved to Changsha and the drummer Rich ‘Reggie’ Bourne is still in Cheltenham.” Got that? So, given their domestics they are a production only outfit these days.

The track on offer is Digger, opening track from their On The Moon EP. Greg says, “It’s named after my local record shop in Changsha, China.” The focus on Digger is really back to the mid-90s style of downtempo hip hop. This has a slow, rolling, crunching hip hop sound. There’s a load of scratching and a few spoken samples for that authentic feel. Vibes are smoky and late night and come from the combo of piano and brass. It has that noir jazz quality that you want. Brilliantly executed. Oh yeah.

~ by acidted on February 28, 2021.

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