Ambient Sunday with: Camille Frey, Koresma & Matt May, and Anton Roth x Crillzz #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo @Koresmamusic

A triple bill of chill for this Ambient Sunday from Camille Frey, Koresma & Matt May, and Anton Roth x Crillzz.

Camille Frey is based in Montreal, Canada. She is a classically trained pianist who experiments with abstract electronic sounds. Heartbeats is taken from her forthcoming The Grand Tour EP. She says, “The Grand Tour’s journey evolves through dystopian and luminous landscapes.” And you get that on this track.

There’s nothing neo classical about Heartbeats. It’s an all electronic melange of hiss and judder. The electronics have that IDM insect jitter and off-kilter beats. Dark and strange at the start but allowing a little light and melody in later. Ambient that is calming and anxiety-inducing all at the same time.

If the last track was all about the machine, Koresma & Matt May want to focus on the natural and organic on El Sol. A beautifully chilled track. Koresma (Ryan Lindberg), who has appeared here a few times, is an electronic producer based in Asheville, North Carolina. Matt May is also from the USA.

El Sol is a track that comes in at just under three minutes but manages a languid and unhurried feel. There are mid-range beats but the focus of the track is the interplay between the acoustic guitar which has a Bossa or Latin feel and the electronic pulses of wave like noise. They say the track, “takes its inspiration from California coast sunsets. The feeling of the warmth and colors washing over.” And that’s exactly what you get. Everything is warm and hazy here in your imagined musical chill paradise.

Switching across the Atlantic to Europe we get some Swedish lo-fi chill from Crillzz and Anton Roth. Crillzz rather confusingly claims to be a “metalhead at heart” but you’d never know it here. Anton Roth only offers, “I make blips and bloops on my computer.” No blips here either.

Whereas something loud, metallic and machine-made might be expected from their self-descriptions, Tenebris is nothing of the sort. Opening with some neo classical piano it develops into a pulsing lo-fi electronic chill track. It has a quirky inventiveness that belies the track title’s meaning of dark or darkness. This is gently shaded. A track of dappled sunlight with slowly moving leaves casting a delicate dance of movement and shadows. They say it, “tackles themes of uncertainty and mystery.” And that’s fair. It’s a track that offers lots of room for introspection, discovery and repeated listens.

~ by acidted on March 14, 2021.

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