Doom laden downtempo IDM on Organism by Grandbrothers (Mogwai Remix) #IDM

I need to make a confession. My life in music has thus far been complete without Mogwai.

I know I’m supposed to stroke my beard and worship at the feet of the Scottish masters (and I suspect the word legendary ought to appear somewhere here). But, well, I don’t. The bits of stuff of theirs I have heard over the years haven’t made me want to explore further. There have always seemed other and more interesting paths to follow.

Perhaps that’s going to change with Mogwai’s doomy IDM remix for Grandbrothers.

Grandbrothers are a Turkish-German/Swiss duo (pianist Erol Sarp and producer / electronic engineer Lukas Vogel). Organism is taken from their album All The Unknown. The original is a chiming piano-driven electronic piece with drums that slowly bang away as the piano goes full Elton John.

The remix by Mogwai takes a good track and makes it properly special. Of the remix Mogwai’s Barry Burns comments: “I was listening to Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears a couple of days before starting the remix and thought I’d channel the guitar part from that into this remix. Seemed to fit nicely. Love the boys’ drum parts and just mangled them a little bit, replayed some piano lines on synths and a bit of my singing over the top of it all.”

The remix gets the original a proper kicking. Things that were bright and burnished become dark and scuffed. The electronics and piano don’t shine they glower under lowering skies. Everything gets urban, IDM and a bit motorik. The track develops a wheezy powerful snarl whilst still intermittently reaching for the skies. A quite brilliant remix.

~ by acidted on March 24, 2021.

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