Intelligent techno from Ken Ishii, and Lycoriscoris #Techno #IDM

Some intelligent techno to end the week with both artists hailing from Japan. We have techno legend Ken Ishii and newcomer to this blog Lycoriscoris, albeit that he’s been around for a decade or more.

Ken Ishii (ケン・イシイ) is a Japanese DJ and record producer from Sapporo. He has been around since the early 90s with his work that mixes Detroit techno, IDM and a particular sort of precise minimalism.

His new release is Bionic Jellyfish. It’s a classic Ishii sounding track. There’s a Detroit techno pace and approach to the beats Breaks are precisely located. But there’s also a ululating warp and throb. A bit like the pulsating movement of a jellyfish, I guess. This manages that rare trick of being something that has more than enough kick for the more leftfield clubs whilst being intricate enough to also work at home. A legend still delivering.

Lycoriscoris is Japanese artist Yunosuke Senoo based in Okayama. He’s been around since 2009. He says, “my own artist name plays on the name of the Lycoris flower. In Japan, it’s often found near cemeteries, which is of course a dark connotation – however, one day when searching in the Language of Flowers (Floriography) I discovered that the word Lycoris also means “I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

He’s a new album Chiyu which has just been released. It was created during 2020 and is pitched as a, “journey of reflection and recovery.” From the album comes featured track Utsurou. I think it’s based on a character from the Gintama anime/manga series. The track itself takes more from IDM than it does techno. It has a burbling set of beats while space synths wander and reverb in the background. It’s all quite dreamy with held tones but also with an edge from the insistence of the beats. A delicious home listening experience for solitary contemplation.

~ by acidted on March 26, 2021.

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