Electronic invaders with: Frank Freeman – Retired Hammond vs Invaders From Space #IDM #Funk #Breaks @GoodOldFrank

Too many tracks these days play it safe in genre terms. Tracks whose parameters stay within genre tramlines. Not Frank. His slightly bonkers track Retired Hammond vs Invaders From Space harks back to a more cut and paste 90s ethic reminiscent of Coldcut and their ilk.

Frank Freeman is a music producer based in United Kingdom. He says, “To be frank is to be honest, to be free is to have no constraints. Frank says this philosophy guides his music.” The track starts, as it should, with a B-movie sample to get you into that other worldly mood. There’s then some old school breaks to give the whole thing an energising clatter. Before it gets too safe along comes a lovely piano break that feels lifted from one of those big 90s House tracks. This stabs and stomps its way around before the Hammond organ comes along like King Kong to really wreak havoc.

It could all get rather cacophonous but there’s a skilful hand guiding each element to allow their ebbs and flow to interact beautifully. As for what’s going on Frank explains that “I rarely start with a specific idea. This was no different with Retired Hammond. Once I had the piano groove and the initial break I knew that I wanted to do something dynamic, raw and other worldly.” In the end it’s all kinda freeform jazz but that’s fine. Just enjoy the wig out.

Despite comparing this to Coldcut earlier, as a comparator I’m going for a personal favourite Rockit Soul by Funki Porcini from 1999.

And there’s a video, the plot of which is “The Emerald Council has learned of a secret plot, by the Salamander man of the planet Kule-Man, to attack and destroy Earth. They are aware, that the atomic destruction of Earth would contaminate their own atmosphere with radioactivity. In order to save themselves, they must save Earth from the alien invasion. Their only hope is Hammond. A galactic superhero who can disguise himself as an earthling. Will he answer their call?”

~ by acidted on March 27, 2021.

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