Ambient Sunday: Paul Cousins – Assemblage #Ambient #Electronic #House @paulcousins

Sometimes knowing how things were created adds to the experience, and sometimes it detracts. Here’s a beautiful piece of ambient wandering from the returning Paul Cousins that benefits from listening before knowing.

The track is Assemblage. It’s a deliciously wonderful hazy piece that whilst only three minutes encapsulates everything that’s breat about ambient. There’s a bit of surface noise. There’s some droney synths and held tones. Keyboards have a little tinkle. Electronics wow and flutter. It transports you somewhere utterly dreamy and away from whatever place you’re in. Just exquisite.

The knowing is that this was created on tape. And that seems unnecessary in this day and age and just a touch pretentious. But when you’ve listened to the track then it seems utterly sensible and reasonable. Paul explains that, “‘Assemblage’ is a study of reconstructing analog formats in the digital realm. The track is composed of 36 individual 1/4″ tape loops created on a 1965 Akai reel-to-reel. The video is animated from 1000 frames of 35mm film, shot using a Lomokino camera.”

This is so good I’m going to have to play it again. Enjoy.

~ by acidted on March 28, 2021.

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