LGBTQ Awareness Trans rights day with: Grand Larsonie – Trans-porting #IDM #Experimental @GLarsonie

OK, so I missed Trans rights day yesterday but let’s make up for that with a track from Grand Larsonie.

Grand Larsonie is Andrew from Baltimore, Maryland and self-describes as a piano/keyboardist, albeit he “manifests as psychedelic ambient jazz”. And he says “I fell in love with fast paced electronic music at an early age, and have been producing music for a little over ten years. ” But featured track Trans-porting is more about a slow strange IDM acidness.

The track opens with a warped funk bass from a fb330 synth and simple hip hop beats. But despite the ostensibly downtempo approach there’s a lovely psychedelic strangeness at work. Odd sounds bobble about giving it an IDM sheen. It manages to give itself an acid sense without the usual acid squelches. It’s club music but where everything is happening in slo-mo. All quite wonderfully disorientating.

~ by acidted on April 1, 2021.

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