Improve your mood with: Sigill – Continuous Improvement #Electronic #Downtempo #Chill

I was walking in the cemetery yesterday. As you do. Reading interesting gravestones. As I do. When I saw a viola(?). It’s blueness luminous among the green grass and off whites and greys of the gravestones. In some indefinable way, an immediate mood lifter. And Sigill’s Continuous Improvement is a bit like that in its quiet downtempo but slightly experimental way.

Sigill is from LA. He’s a background playing bass for industrial and metal bands, but influenced by the LA beat scene. He describes his work now as “intense downtempo tracks.” Continuous Improvement is the closing track to his Impossible Shapes EP.

Continuous Improvement is a blend of study beats, downtempo and a sprinkling of IDM. That gives it a rich blend of sound that really captivates. It starts with a chiming synth and some synthetic beats that offer a digital lullaby effect. But then, every so often, it allows the bass into the foreground with the merest whisper of distortion for that IDM touch. Gives it an experimental edge that lifts it far above the mainstream. But there’s still an ear for a melody as the experimentation is never allowed to dominate. Delicious electronic track that allows you the opportunity to improve your mood.

~ by acidted on April 13, 2021.

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