The Groove’s the thing with: Darem Aissa, and B-B #House #Techno

Lots of tracks lock themselves into a groove. Even if it’s a good groove there are few people that can sustain a tune’s interest through a whole release. Here’s a couple that do manage it with Darem Aissa, and B-B. One takes a techno path and the other House.

Darem Aissa is British born, half Hungarian, half Syrian but raised in Montreal, Canada. He describes his work as Micro Deep. Departure is his new release. It’s somewhere between deep house and techno. But sits apart from either. There’s a certain techno cleanliness to the track but also it’s filled with strings and bits of sound design. This is clearly not a dance floor track. This is full headphones on in the dark. The beats casually plough their furrow with some wood blocks for company and the strings roll over you again and again giving it a lightly trippy quality. Let your mind wander in this psychedelic minimal techno landscape.

B-B wants to take you on a lo-fi house journey on Not At Your Mercy. He (I think it’s a he) is from the UK but doesn’t say where. Describes himself as a “bedroom producer – cooking beats.”

Not At Your Mercy is an eight minute late night wander. It’s filled with old school beats and hi hats. But at its core is a wandering synth that drones around and rising and falling phases. A reflected neon glitter to the track. Of street lights skipping by half seen from the window of a car. The fast train passing though the intermediate stations. And despite the way that the track throbs continually there’s also lights and shades and slow moments of acid fuelled clarity. Because all journeys have a start and an end.

~ by acidted on April 14, 2021.

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