Sunshine and study beats with: Mr. Erin, and kassamanno #StudyBeats #Instrumental #Jazz #HipHop #Chill

Blue skies, Spring sunshine and study beats with Mr. Erin, and kassamanno.

Mr. Erin is from Germany. Doesn’t offer more than that. But on his style he says, “I started making music in 2013 when I discovered dubstep. Since then I’m producing dubstep under the alias „Grawinkel“. In 2020 I dived into Lo-Fi and enjoyed it a lot.”

The featured track is the totally smooth and sophisticated Jazzmovie. Which is an odd title because this is less jazz infused than the usual study beats. It’s built around a lovely organ sound which has a bit of dubbiness going on from some choppy guitar. The beats lope around without a care in the world. Yes, it lasts no longer than the now traditional two minutes but who cares? This is a total chill delight.

Most study beats tracks work best in the evening or late at night with that slightly late night smokey jazz feel. But a few are best suited to the bright light of day. Tides by kassamanno is one of those.

Kassamanno is Canadian-producer glukes and is his new jazz-hop/study beats project. Tides has a languid jazz guitar and some softly brushed beats at the core of things. At its heart is a simplicity of approach – nothing’s crowded or complicated. Everything is super smooth such that teeters on the edge of lounge but never quite tips over. This is for rocking in the porch or swaying in a hammock listening to the waves.

~ by acidted on April 15, 2021.

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