Study breakbeats with Johny Holiday – Berlin 98 #Chill #Instrumental #StudyBeats #BreakBeats

A bright but bitterly cold morning needs something warming. Here’s Johny Holiday to warm the cockles of your heart with some downtempo breakbeat on Berlin 98.

Johny Holiday is a Swiss artist from Basel. Since 1997 he has been part of the Hip Hop crew Brandhärd and has produced beats for various Swiss rap artists – not tbh that I knew there was a Swiss rap scene. Anyhow, he’s now branching out making his own stuff. And Berlin 98 is his new release.

Berlin means techno to me. So this tune was a bit of a surprise. It’s an absolutely charming track but contains no techno. From the opening child’s shout out to the tinkling piano refrain this consistently confounded my expectations. It starts whimsically before getting down to business with some beats that have a hip hop thud but also a lithe breakbeat tinge. Strings saw away in the background. It leans towards ambient before the beats pull it away at the last moment. It’s all terribly cheery. And I love it.

~ by acidted on April 16, 2021.

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