Darkest breakbeat with: Robot86 – Space Fly #BreakBeats #Electronic

The weekend left me in a dark place so let’s have some suitably dark accompaniment from Robot86.

Robot86 is currently in London but its biog says, “Robot86 is from a desolate planet where war has been raging since the beginning of time. Electronic music is his escape from reality, what makes him different from the rest of the inhabitants.”

The featured track is the dark breakbeats of Space Fly from the twin track Last Night On Earth EP. The accompanying blurb fixes Floating Point and Aphex Twin as reference points. Perhaps Floating Points with the dreamy synths. But the dark breakbeats had more of the early Chemical Brothers about them in the way that they deliver a quite precise and repeated kick in the nether regions.

This is orchestrated chaos and controlled fury. Robot86 says of the track that it’s “a release of anger with its thunderous breaks and dark cinematic soundscapes all being symbolic of the times during lockdown – frustration, loneliness and an overwhelming anxiety of being trapped.” There’s a thunderous darkness to the bass and a menacing industrial growl to it all. Synths flit across in occasional shafts of light but disappear soon enough. There’s redemption out there. But not just yet. Great track.

~ by acidted on April 26, 2021.

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