Deeply chilled with: Calcou – Beyond #DeepHouse #Chill #Downtempo

Went to the hospital on Sunday. Brought back too many supressed memories. Monitors and bleeping and signs. Doctors and nurses and bad news. A bit shocked how easy it was to resurrect the trauma. Need something soothing. Beyond from Calcou hit the spot.

Calcou is a Berlin based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He’s part of contemporary Jazz band White Noise Trio. But thankfully there’s not too much jazz in evidence here. His biog says, “Calcou is where Jazz meets Chill and Deep House blends into Electronica.” Subtract jazz from that list and that’s a pretty good description of Beyond.

What that list doesn’t do is tell you how beautiful the track is. It melds deep house with a chilled edge. It uses a simple piano line to give you a melody that tugs at heartstrings. It has a bass that has a loose limbed funk but bleeds into almost Berlin-cool IDM. It’s a deep house tale of fantastic beauty. An uplifting epiphany to better days.

~ by acidted on April 27, 2021.

One Response to “Deeply chilled with: Calcou – Beyond #DeepHouse #Chill #Downtempo”

  1. Could agree more. This is beautiful

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