Classics revisited: Gravity Proof – Avril 14th – Aphex Twin (Synth Cover) #Synth #Electronic #AphexTwin

The one in which electronic artist Aphex Twin’s non-electronic track gets turn into an electronic track by Gravity Proof.

The track is question is Avril 14th. It comes from Aphex Twin’s 2001 release Drukqs. Given Aphex Twin’s reputation for ferocious and confrontational music this stands out. It’s a two part piano piece and has romance at its core. It’s famously been sampled by Kanye West and used in films. In fact, the original was recorded using a Disklavier, a piano with an add-on that reads MIDI data and then plays the keyboard. A perfect Aphex Twin track in that it sounds human but isn’t. It’s been covered umpteen times over the years. And this cover by Gravity Proof stands up there with the best.

Gravity Proof is Canadian-born Alex Mitchell from Brooklyn. As for why he chose to do this cover, he says, “I wanted to do a synth based version that still captured the nostalgic / peaceful vibe of the original track.” It’s played on a Sequential OB-6. And in a nice twist on the original he says, “I do a lot music programing but challenged myself to actually learn to play this piece.” There’s proof in the form of a video below. The cover of Avril 14th is really lovely. It captures the romantic but melancholic heart of the original but puts the electronics more prominently into the equation. And the slight air of reverb gives it a more hazy lush quality. Delicious.

Original here

~ by acidted on May 1, 2021.

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  1. That’s really good, works very nicely indeed.

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