Main room deep house with: Sinoi – Helo #DeepHouse

One of the pleasures of this latter stage of doing a blog is the way that things and artists come round after a long gap. Few come round after a gap of eight years sounding quite as perky as Sono’s Helo does.

Sono is a 31 year old producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He says, “I’ve played piano since I was a child, and produced music for 13 years now. I used to work at a recording studio as assistant co-producer, where I learned the trade. He first appeared on this blog in 2012 and hasn’t been here since 2013 when he was Chameo. He says, “It’s been a long journey, but now I’m focusing on just making good music, and I would love it, if someone else were to join in and hopefully get to share some of what I make with interested people.”

The featured track is Helo in both instrumental and vocal variants. Both available for free download. So, get ’em while you can. This is coming out of lockdown music. It’s good time deep house with a big disco kick.

The track is quick to get down to business with skittery drums itching to get on with things. A disco type bass comes in alongside almost EDM trance whooshing. But it’s all lifted up with some lovely stabbing keyboards that seeps a little sunshine into your soul. This is all main room bounce and good times. The second half of the track delves deeper into synth disco with synthetic strings for accompaniment. This is good for good people having good times. Have you been good enough?

~ by acidted on May 5, 2021.

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