Ambient Sunday with: Sunbeam42, and Amir #Ambient #Drone #Chill @iamamiramine

This Ambient Sunday we have the returning drone of Sunbeam42 and new to these parts artist Amir with some chill.

Suunbeam42 is returning here for a third time with Discovery. She’s an American producer who describes music “an intensely spiritual experience.” And you get that intensity on Discovery from new album Hope. A bit of a contradiction perhaps calling such a fragile drone track intense. But it is. Like her previous work there’s a sense of space and vastness. Tones are hazily held for ages. But it also has a focus and that personal spiritual quality that she talks about. That adds a layer of delivers something that’s less Eno’s wallpaper and more precisely aimed at you for your experience.

Next, Amir a new artist from the Lebanon. He says of himself, “I’m a photographer, music producer, and a computer engineering student at the Lebanese American University.” But he also says, “I chose music and photography as a form of expression to the overwhelm of my thoughts and as a reaction to the current state of youth of my country, therefore my art and the art of thousands of youth of the same state of mine.”

And yet Depths from his album Rise, from Depths, of a Preliminary State of Youth: A Change Within One in Worlds doesn’t seem to contain anything that’s overwhelming. In fact, it’s all rather lovely. A five minute track of hope and renewal. Chords are soft and reassuring. There’s a little background drone but only to add a little washed out background. The beauty of the soft focus as chords tumble on by. Beats come but late and even then can’t overwhelm the chords. Beautiful chill.

~ by acidted on May 9, 2021.

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