Midweek ambient: Pan Agiotis – Insomniakos #Ambient #Epic

You’ve limped through to the middle of the week. You deserve something soothing. Let’s have some ambient. Except that this isn’t very soothing from Pan Agiotis. It’s all quite dramatic and agonised.

Pan Agiotis is from Greece but I know no more than that. Google isn’t helping here given it’s a popular Greek name. So let’s focus on the music. The track is Insomniakos (insomnia, I assume). This is a dramatic piece of ambient with a bit of classical or cinematic heft. Chords are drawn out with taut strings dominating. Meanwhile, in the background, big bass synths rumble like gathering war clouds. The whole thing is really quite tense and has a way of setting you on edge. The balance between ambient and drone and cinematic and classical is all deftly handled. A ppowerful mood piece.

~ by acidted on May 12, 2021.

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