Summer’s here. Let’s chill with: The Paper Sea – Shadow Falls #Chill #Electronic #Downtempo

It’s one of those too-hot-to-do-much days. And The Paper Sea track Shadow Falls fits perfectly with its languid trumpet.

The Paper Sea is LA-based solo project of Jared Matt Greenberg. He’s a cornet player and keyboardist for the post-rock quintet Whale Fall. He describes The Paper Sea as “intimate instrumental music recorded in Los Angeles, grounded in piano, laced with synths and organs, strings, and horns, and resonant with childhood memories, wistful moments, and lasting love.”

Shadow Falls is the name of The Paper Sea’s album. The title track is a mix of neo-classical ambient, lo-fi downtempo and 90s chill. It starts with a low slow piano before beats are gradually introduced. Strings waver in the background. It’s all a bit soporific in a good way. A trumpet arrives to save the day and carry the melody. Emotionally, this is both gently happy and just a bit wistful. A remembering memories kind of track. You can’t get more hammock than this.

Available on digital, CD and vinyl.

~ by acidted on June 3, 2021.

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