Big bad boom bap with: Joe Nora – Far Out (feat. G Mills) #Chill #HipHop #StudyBeats

Pre-Friday vibes are ready for some head nodding to get through a hectic day. Joe Nora is along for the musical accompaniment with a big bad boom bap chill track.

Joe Nora’s explanation for his name is rather sweet. He says, “The backstory of my name is that before I was born my parents decided they would call me Nora if I was a girl and Joey if I was a boy. Not wanting to know until the day of, they called me Joey Nora up until I was born and they found out I was a boy. It is the kind of balance that I liked about it, the sort of yin and yang of my name and of me.”

Far Out is taken from his Rainfall EP, inspired by the only week of rain in LA this year. He should be so lucky. The track starts with a little surface noise and some jazzy smooth Rhodes chords before the live beats (courtesy of G Mills) come in. They’re allowed to be on the heavy side and roll slow. Gives the whole thing a really slowed down vibe. All you can do is slowly nod your head to the beats as the chords wash over you and in so doing wash away your cares. Surrender to the unhurried beats and draw solace from the Rhodes. Everything else today can just wait a while. Tell the world you’ll be back soon.

~ by acidted on June 10, 2021.

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