Get your techno groove on with: Ias Ferndale – Zawbiea (Extended Mix) #MelodicTechno #ProgHouse

All too often these days tracks are two minutes or so. It’s therefore a delight when some thing big and bold hoves into view confident enough to be approaching nine minutes. That’s what Ias Ferndale has delivered on the melodic techno groover Zawbiea.

Ias Ferndale is from Berlin, Germany and that’s about all I know. Zawbiea, however, is his second single. The title means زوبعة which translates as whirlwind. This is a massively confident track. It uses an uplifting prog house template but restrains it with a bit of techno darkness.

It opens with throbbing sounds and a bit of wailing that isn’t too obviously Middle Eastern. And that’s a good thing to stop it slipping into cliché. It maintains a taut tempo and atmosphere as it starts to wind itself up. There are airy synths that give it a rippling, furling sound.

The track oozes self-confidence, even to avoid a traditional break. And yet it maintains tension, anticipation and a rolling, galloping pace through to the end. There’s a shorter six minute edit on Spotify but the get the full effect, stick with the Soundcloud version. Superb whirling, swirling, grooving prog techno joyfest.

~ by acidted on June 12, 2021.

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