Ambient Sunday: At The Psychedelic Circus – Kala Nag #Dub #Ambient #IDM #Experimental

Ambient Sunday returns with something more challenging than usual in the form of At The Psychedelic Circus’ experimental IDM. There’s shades of The Orb but on a bad trip.

At The Psychedelic Circus are an audio visual collective from Utrecht, Netherlands. Their mission statement is, “We bring you atmospheric psychedelic electronica. A fusion of the wandering human mind and our electronic reality.”

The track is Kala Nag. I’m assuming given the video that the title comes from the elephant in Toomai of the Elephants by Rudyard Kipling (of Jungle Book fame) albeit Kala Nag translates as Black Snake. But this is no Disneyfied track. It’s takes the essence of freedom and confinement for the elephant in the story through to the sounds. It’s a swirling psychedelic set of sounds and samples of India but set against an ominous low bass ridden thudding of dubbed beats. A slow stately march into the jungle. It’s danceable but in a paranoid way whilst wading through treacle. This is a dangerous trip to see the elephants dance that’s worth the experience.

~ by acidted on June 13, 2021.

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