Back to the old school with: Kokko Perelli – Forse #House #Eighties #OldSchool

Delivering an old school track is a tough ask. How does it sound contemporary but still evoke the sounds of days gone by? Kokko Perelli has the answer on Forse.

Kokko Perelli is Chilean DJ/Producer, Cristóbal Peña Perelli who was born in Santiago, 1993. His work takes classic house and disco grooves and turns them into something new. Forse is a perfect example of that apporach.

Forse is built around two elements. First some soft piano chords with that old school house vibe. The second is a perfect 80s disco funk bass with a real sense of elasticity. This is all rounded out with some bassified samples. Kokko explains that, “The samples used in this track are part of and old Pino D’Angio interview.” I must confess I’d never heard of him. But Wiki explains that, “Pino D’Angiò (born Giuseppe D. Chierchia, August 14, 1952 in Pompei, Italy) is an Italo disco artist. He is best known for his hit 1980 song, “Ma Quale Idea”, which sold over 2 million copies in Europe.”

Forse delivers both ends of the 80s working together from the early 80s disco bass and the late 80s piano. This tune grooves the discotheque with its shirt unbuttoned to the waist. It’s a glitterball swirl of a track. Has a slinky and sinuous grace with the Italian samples giving it a bit of sultriness. Beautiful music for beautiful people.

~ by acidted on June 15, 2021.

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