Ambient Sunday with: UniQorn, and Ogi feel the Beat #Ambient #Downtempo

Staying European with Ambient Sunday. Tracks by UniQorn from the Netherlands, and Ogi feel the Beat from Serbia.

UniQorn offers that she is, “a female electronic music artist from Amsterdam, living her dream by creating electronic dance, lounge and chill-out music tuned in 432 Hz.” I didn’t understand the reference to 432 Hz but a bit of Googling unearths that this is ‘nature’s healing frequency.’

The featured track is Entheon, which sounds as though it has an ancient Greek root. But seems to relate to a trans-denominational church and is a, “place to discover the Creator within” All getting a bit too new age for me. But the track is a rather lovely ambient tune. It starts with an electronic hum before gentle harp-like keyboards come in. Beats shuffle shiftily in the background. Everything is sunlit and light and airy. It really is all terribly contemplative and, say it softly, contemplative. Perfect for a Sunday.

Also operating in the meditative space but more aligned to 90s ambient house, here’s Ogi feel the Beat (Brnić Oleg) from Paracin, Serbia and Rewind Memory from the Layering Meditation 1 album.

The track has a gentle chilled and slightly dubbed feel. But it also manages to have an almost acid ambient feel to it. Electronic strings and piano open the track in a tickle of anticipation. And then an acid line comes wandering by. The beats are slow and insistent stopping this ever becoming too contemplative. There’s an aim for your feet as well as your third eye. The keyboard hook over the acid gives the track an optimistic and cheering feel to set your day off to the best of starts.

~ by acidted on June 20, 2021.

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