Quirky gets an outing on: Nik Morobi – Enrico #House #OrganicHouse #Chill @NikMorobi

It’s pre-Friday so let’s have something a bit quirky to cheer the way to the weekend from Nik Morobi.

Nik Morobi is from Cologne, Germany and has been making music since the early 2000s. His new six track release Sorosoro contains the track Enrico. On the track’s title Nik explains that, “When I spent a short vacation at the beautiful Mecklenburg Lake District last year, one thing was immediately clear to me: Where there’s a lake, there’s got to be boating. I was particularly enchanted by the “Enrico Boat Hire”. After several beautiful days, however, the vacation was over without me having visited Enrico and his boats. So I at least dedicated this song to him.”

A lovely chilled house track. It opens with some glitched guitar and chopped inhalations. This gives it an almost IDM Country feel before the beats come in. There’s something quite uplifting and cheering about the way the piano rises and exudes positivity. There’s a lovely electronic soundscape going on here but handled so lightly and skilfully that it’s barely noticeable. Keeps the track incredibly light on its toes as it twinkles around you.

I defy for your day not to be better from listening to this track.

~ by acidted on July 1, 2021.

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