Ambient Sunday needs de-stressing with: Conradaxx, and Samarium #Chill @SamariumProject

It’s the day of the Euro 2020 Final. I got butterflies and dread already. Let’s try to relax with Conradaxx, and Samarium.

Conradaxx is the returning Alex Giles Conrad of Portland, Oregon. The track is Rising Persephone. Conradaxx says it is “a journey through the Season of Spring. It is a meditation of the beautiful Persephone, the Ancient Greek personification of the Season itself.”

The track offers a neo-classical piano as the track’s focus but with whooshes, wizzes and whirrs of electronics all around. It has a languid air. All light and stately but with a sub-bass left far in the background. The mix of piano and electronics gives it a delicately experimental edge. And maybe that edge is intentional since Persephone was not only goddess of spring but also of the underworld. A classic light and dark dichotomy that you get here.

Enjoy the chill and don’t catch cold.

More chill now from Samarium (named, I assume, after a silvery rare earth metal with the symbol Sm and atomic number 62). This is, “a French and independent music group, led by its leader Masta (musician / songwriter / performer / producer / beatmaker). Samarium is a concept of Music with committed lyrics concerning the issues of the world in which we live, but also in the sincere, true, real expression of feelings, body and mind.”

The track is Lazy Cloud. And it’s a deliciously drifting hip hop track. All that is offered by Samarium on the track is “That cloud is so lazy that it drops all the water it carries…” The tune has a lovely drifting quality as it flats by. The beats are crunchy but not obtrusive. The melody is gentle but held quite far back. and that’s not and issue. Gives it an added sleepy air.

Music for hammocks and afternoon snoozes.

~ by acidted on July 11, 2021.

One Response to “Ambient Sunday needs de-stressing with: Conradaxx, and Samarium #Chill @SamariumProject”

  1. I’m really digging that picture. While the figurine reminds me of purity, my eye wants to drift to the out of focus statue, ominous yet so familiar.

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