Roots & Culture with: Maffmatix – Time Had Lost All Meaning #DnB #DrumAndBass @maffmatix

Been too long since we had any drum and bass. Here’s a no messing, pounding track track from Maffmatix. Proper roots and culture.

Maffmatix started in Los Angeles, working with rappers and metal-heads. After moving to Bangkok, he formed the band Rock Shreller while touring South East Asia as both a band and as a DJ. And there’s a bit to that electronic / rock fusion apparent on Time Has Lost All Meaning. A bit of the Pendulum approach to synths as guitars.

The track starts with an ominous buzz that draws you in. Before it explodes with dirty beats and a slinky bass undertow. Beats are firm and crisp with an exhilarating air. Things get dirtier with a scuzzy almost dubstep approach to bass synth noise. This is an all-encompassing sound that drags you in unasked. The ending is a furball of tense nervous energy and sirens.

It’s all going off in here.

~ by acidted on July 14, 2021.

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