Warm summer tunes from Ion Stream, and oh, my. #Chill #Downtempo

A couple of chill tunes for warm summer days from returnees Ion Stream and oh, my.

West Country, UK resident Ion Stream returns after a gap of two years with Solaris. His influences include Tangerine Dream and Carbon Based Lifeforms.

And there’s both of those on Solaris. It has a bit of the synth-washed experience of Tangerine Dream but alongside beats that have more of an IDM experience. It’s a terribly dreamy track held together by a skilful use of a guitar line that provides the track’s central hook. This is as good in the warming sun as it is looking at the stars. Properly limpid.

Our next returnee is Sweden’s oh, my. This artist is coming back after a year with the chilled study beats of Sonder. Says of the track, “I wrote this song this spring with the intention of capturing all the elements I personally love in music.”

Sonder is from the But Someday I’ll Take You There EP. It’s a warm rush of electric piano chords, some chilled hip hop beats and a tickle of guitar. There’s some manipulated breathing and bits of unintelligible vocal but they’re only there as background. It’s the interplay of the three key elements – piano, beats, and guitar – that makes this so delightful. No one element dominates the other. They slip in and out of view in precise pirouettes.

Utterly chilled.

~ by acidted on July 23, 2021.

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