Ambient Sunday wants to know where the sun went with: KayCee, and Wizard Death #Downtempo #Ambient @WizardDeath1

A couple of gentle tracks for Ambient Sunday that mourn the loss of sunshine by KayCee and Wizard Death.

KayCee is currently based in Canada. Probably. But offers nothing else. And the track is my place in the clouds. Of it KayCee says, “During a detached time in my life and mind, this track signifies freedom in all mind, body, and soul.”

It’s a mix of light, sparkling ambient synths that ripple around. They blend into an almost harp feel allied to some gentle synthetic lo-fi hip hop beats. There’s nothing hurried here. It’s all very dreamy and wistful. A moment’s reverie and then… gone.

From the Detached EP

After a year’s absence, Los Angeles, USA artist Wizard Death is resurrected with CCF. Of it the Wizard says, “I think this song feels like a big energetic question mark. I designed it as an attempt to mesh together my calming sounds with more energetic beats.”

What really makes this is the delightfully gentle yet bobbling synths. It gives the whole thing a childlike air of wonder. On top are laid some chill trap beats. Not the sort of thing that I’d normally go for but delicately done and not pushed too far forward in the mix. You’re left with something that has an ambient dreaminess but also a lo-fi beat chill.

Music with which to daydream.

From the Warpworld release

~ by acidted on July 25, 2021.

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