303 frenzy with: Saekone – Feel It #Acid #Techno

No mucking about today. It’s all about the Techno. Acid Techno. Saekone gives you the acid beating you so richly deserve.

Saekone is from Washington DC, USA. He says he’s influenced by hip hop but there’s none of that obviously here, save for a bit of surliness. The track is Feel It. And as Saekone says, “if you like acid 303 synth lines, then this one is for you.”

Feel It doesn’t want to seduce you, it wants to overwhelm you. Starts off with dirty beats and crackles of electronics. Lots of kick drum to put you in your place. And then… then comes the 303s. And an acid squiggling splatter everywhere. But there’s nothing random about it. The construction and build of the track is purposeful. Purposefully bringing you to a climax before letting you down with an unceremonious bump. Six minutes of pummelling pain as pleasure. An acid feast for the ears.

~ by acidted on July 27, 2021.

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