If you’ve had one of those days this is for you: Father Sheed – Amniotic #Chill #Downtempo #Bliss #HipHop

How’s your day been? If it’s been one of those days I have just the thing for you. A track by Father Sheed. It’s blissed out and laid back and it will comfort you.

Father Sheed is Nick Jamshidi from Austin, Texas. His debut EP is out today and is called Mild Bliss. It’s a generally laid back affair but Amniotic is the pick of the bunch.

Amniotic is named after the protective liquid contained by the amniotic sac of a gravid amniote. This fluid serves as a cushion for the growing foetus, but also serves to facilitate the exchange of nutrients, water, and biochemical products between mother and foetus. And the track does surround and nurture you.

It’s four minutes of bliss, opening with softly hushed keyboards and a wash of percussion. Keyboards float around in a light haze. A track in which to lose yourself. No hard edges or sharp corners. Everything is soft and cushioned. Bits of wandering almost 70s guitar, some oohs and a few aahs. Someone tries to say something in the background. But by then you’re so in the cocoon that who cares?

Less Mild Bliss than totally blissed out.

~ by acidted on July 29, 2021.

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