Berlin does Detroit PREMIERE: Chymera – Varial Crush #Techno

Let’s end the week with the premiere of a stonking techno track from Chymera.

Chymera is from Ireland and has been producing records since 2002, releasing internationally since 2006. And that pedigree and longevity shows in the quality of his work here.

The track is Varial Crush from a two track EP of the same name. It’s the best of Berlin Techno blended with the best of Detroit Techno and a bit of 90s sheen for good measure. Perhapps that’s the hybrid creature of the artist name. The tune is a delicious techno monster. Opening with a bassy kick drum and a hint of Acid Techno this takes its own sweet time to get going. It understands the impact of a good build.

There’s a clean sound here that reeks of Berlin alongside chords that have a bit of Dub Techno echoes but mostly the rest of the sound is a lovely clean Detroit Techno. Everything is sleek futuristic machine noise. Carl Craig would be proud to put his name to this track. The break comes around 3:00 but even then doesn’t go for a rush of fury and noise. It’s all quite controlled and precise. There’s downshift in sound by 5:00 that allows the synth chords a chance to shine and avoid being second stage to the beats. Ultimately though, this is a techno track so the beats return eventually to pummel their way to the end.

Techno that knows its power and, critically, how to use it.

~ by acidted on July 30, 2021.

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