Late summer downtempo with: Gunpwdr, and Padre Tóxico @PadreToxico

Sorry the posting’s been a bit erratic this past week. I’ve not been well. But on the mend with two lovely downtempo tunes just released from Gunpwdr, and AcidTedblog favourite Padre Tóxico.

Gunpwdr is from the USA. The biog offers only “Est. 1983.” So let’s focus on the music on which is offered the slightly more revealing, “Ambient and stoned are the only ways to go through life.” Obviously, drugs are bad kids, don’t do them.

This is new single Slush. It’s a beautiful melancholic track pitched part way between Ambient and Downtempo. There are beats but they are hushed and in the background. The main weight of the tune is carried by a sad and wandering synth that tugs at the heartstrings. There’s nothing slushy here. It’s a tune of brilliant simplicity for sad and grey days.

Meanwhile, Poland’s Padre Tóxico returns after a brief absence with yet another new piece of loveliness called Warm Fuzzies.

On it, Padre Tóxico gives it the full Balearic morning-after feel. It’s a track full of numbed warmth. Beats have a bit of hip hop feel to them but are again pushed into the background. What remains has the dying embers of the sparkles of the night before. Lights dance and flicker gently. But only if you don’t concentrate on them. Otherwise it’s the wash of waves on the beach and something that sounds like the sax from an 80s classic and the merest tinkle of keyboards.

Future Balearic classic.

~ by acidted on August 20, 2021.

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