Psychedelic electronic with: Ross Harper – Midnight Lake #Ambient #Breakbeat

Psychedelic is the order of the day from Ross Harper with a dash of strangeness and a soupçon of cinematic epicness.

Ross Harper is from the UK and his biog says, “Ross has had as unswerving devotion to electronic music ever since his drug induced baptism in the 90s London rave scene which led onto an intense 5 years of studying music production.”

Midnight Lake is the first single from forthcoming album Tower of Light, out on 8 October. It opens with a sort of one note synth affair but backed with a strangeness of drone and things far off. Beats come wheezily along but the psychedelic yearning is piqued by other warm synth sounds and a disembodied half-heard chopped vocal. The track swirls around never quite settling down. It’s restlessly always on the move. Searching for something never found. A rummage in the recesses of your mind. An electronic quark, strangeness and charm.

Music for the journey to Avalon.

~ by acidted on September 13, 2021.

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