No matter what others may have done or said, always trust that there are: Better Days Ahead – jcSubterfuge #Downtempo #Electronic #DrumAndBass

Wishing for better days ahead with jcSubterfuge.

jcSubterfuge is an American writer, producer, and recording artist from the suburbs of Detroit. But he’s not delivering us techno today. Instead, it’s some lightly experimental drum and bass.

Better Days Ahead is the track. JC explains that it was, “Inspired by a college paper I recently wrote and audio interviewed 50+ people to describe their thoughts on statement Better Days Ahead and this sweet 78 year old woman (sample voice in song) described her thoughts.”

Sonically, it’s a set of rolling, jazzy DnB beats alongside some wood blocks. There are abstract but cheerful electronics. The sample peppers the track but has a sweet sincerity. There’s a certain IDM sparseness to the track that allows all the elements their space. This gives the track a curiously chilled air. DnB for autumn days as the nights draw in and an IDM jazziness to get us through the coming winter.

Tell me your thoughts on Better Days Ahead. If not, then simply accept the wish for everyone to have Better Days Ahead.

~ by acidted on September 14, 2021.

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