Lost in the dark #Ambient with: Psybos – Grains #Downtempo #Psybient

It’s not Sunday but this is Ambient. But there’s nothing here to reassure or chill. There’s much to unsettle and disturb on Grains from Psybos.

Psybos (Tormod Klingenberg) is from Oslo, Norway. And Grains from the album of the same name definitely has a Northern chilliness in its soul.

Grains is eight minutes of unsettling sound. The opening is string filled and superficially chilled. But then strings get drawn more tautly. Synths come along to add varying degrees of bass-ridden drama happening somewhere out of sight or offstage. It’s a slightly malevolently painted picture filled with hidden horror and anxieties. The sounds never raise far from a downtempo template but carry unexpected menace.

Go gently into the good night but carry a big stick. There be ravenous beasties out there.

~ by acidted on September 16, 2021.

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